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giving prescription to a womanWhen you have maintenance medicines, it would surely help you if you get assisted in regularly refilling your prescriptions. When you are sick and can barely move, you would surely appreciate somebody delivering your medicines right at your doorstep. When you don’t have the time to sort and organize your numerous medications, you would wish that there is a way for you to just get them in pre-sorted and labeled packs.

The services we offer here in Athens Creekside Drugs LLC answer all those needs and more. Our promise to assist you in maintaining good health with ease and convenience is made possible through the various services that we have.

Here is a list of these services:

  • Drive Thru – You can get your medicines without stepping out of your vehicle. Our friendly staff and attendant can serve and fill your needs as you comfortably wait in your car.
  • Free Local Delivery – We deliver medicines and equipment for your needs at no extra cost.
  • Vitamins – We carry over a hundred brands of vitamins that you can get access to anytime.
  • Greeting Cards – Greeting cards for several occasions are available here.
  • Medicare Part D Consulting – Get proper advice so you can make the most out of your Medicare benefits.
  • Unit Dose Packaging – We sort, organize, and label individualized packaging so you can better comply with your prescriptions with so much ease.
  • Limited Immunization / Vaccinations – We have licensed pharmacists to properly administer vaccination in our drug store.
  • Limited Durable Medical Equipment – We have the medical equipment that you need to care for a patient at home or even in hospitals.
  • Blood Pressure Checks – We offer blood pressure checks plus consultation with our pharmacists.

For queries about other services not mentioned in the list, you may call our pharmacy staff at 256-232-8274.

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